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Tosetto Weigmann & Associates Torino : Italian Office Building

Contemporary Turin Interior, northern Italy design by MARC

30 Mar 2012

Design: MARC

Transformation of a 20th century mansion building into a contemporary office building, Turin

Tosetto Weigmann & Associates Turin Office interior design lighting
photograph : Beppe Giardino

Tosetto Weigmann & Associates Torino


Transformation of a mansion into a lawyers’ office, Turin (Italy)

MARC is commissioned to transform an elegant mansion from the beginning of the 20th century into an efficient contemporary office building. To do that it needs to perform radical and pragmatic interventions, optimizing the use of space. At the same time, it is necessary to respect the existing rooms and preserve their charm, but without being intimidated by their cold classicism. The project looks for discretion and neutrality while inserting all the many necessary new elements.

Tosetto Weigmann & Associates Turin Office interior design
photo : Beppe Giardino

Like the new staircase in perforated metal -the trigger of the typological change- that connects seven different levels illuminating them with a big skylight. Like the new library, made to grow, to which a whole new level, suspended in the heart of the building, is dedicated.

Tosetto Weigmann & Associates Turin Tosetto Weigmann & Associates Torino Tosetto Weigmann & Associates
photos : Beppe Giardino

This occupies the very core of the building: the new level is a mezzanine obtained with a very articulated walkway that runs all around the heart of the building, forming a complex grid, a rational labyrinth that maximizes the extension of the bookshelves. The walkway is always detached from the walls, and it has no handrail: it’s the books themselves that provide for safety.

Tosetto Weigmann & Associates Office Tosetto Weigmann & Associates Tosetto Weigmann & Associates Office
photos : Beppe Giardino

Tosetto Weigmann & Associates Turin – Building Information

Project: MARC
Designers: Subhash Mukerjee, Michele Bonino
Collaborators: Lucia Baima, Cristina Cordeschi, Cinthya Luglio, Francesco Strocchio, Tommaso Rocca
Partners for engineering: FRED (structural engineer: Riccardo Sampietro; HVAC engineer: Daniele Forte; accounting and security: Filippo Rizzo)
Program: office: 1.800 sqm
Client: Tosetto, Weigmann e Associati

Photographs: Beppe Giardino

Tosetto Weigmann & Associates Torino images / information from MARC


Location: Turin, Italy, southern Europe

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