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Pompeii Maximall Shopping Resort

Commercial Architecture in Southern Italy – by Design International

30 Mar 2020

Pompeii Maximall Shopping Resort News

Architects: Design International

Location: near Pompeii, southern Italy

Design International Signs Pompeii Maximall

The First Shopping Resort In Italy : The Project Goes On

Milan, March 30, 2020 – The project for the construction of Pompeii Maximall continues. The innovative Shopping Resort will be located a short distance from the famous archaeological site of Pompeii, in the splendid setting of Vesuvius. No longer a shopping center, a container without content for years, but a real hub capable of responding to a plurality of needs by supporting territorial marketing and social promotion.

Pompeii Maximall Shopping Resort Vesuvius Italy

Pompeii Maximall will take the opportunity to enhance the tourist-cultural attraction as a driving force for the development of the Vesuvian area. Commissioned by IRGENRE Group, a solid reality operating for about thirty years in the market of Development and Real Estate Management for the commercial sector.

In a moment of extreme difficulty that is enveloping our country, declares Paolo Negri Administrator and Owner of IrgenRE Group, we want to contribute to giving an injection of optimism stressing that the project goes on. At the moment we are interested in the health of our territories and the whole of Italy and therefore respectful of ministerial indications, we have decided to commit this time to studying how to optimize the times and methods of construction, in order to respect the deadlines set and be ready to welcome the millions of tourists who will even more visit the beauties of our territories “

“The effects of the Corona Virus have been compared to those of a silent war … Our wish, adds Davide Padoa CEO of Design International , is to to be able to celebrate the return to normal life in Pompeii Maximall soon, with joy and a new awareness of true values, of encounter, exchange and cultural enrichment, of which today more than ever we feel the lack and importance.”

Pompeii Maximall Shopping Resort Design International

The architectural project, curated by the award-winning Design International studio directed by Arch. Davide Padoa, anticipates the times and market trends by creating a commercial project with a high tourist value, dedicated to visitors interested in the shopping experience and not only in shopping, also attracted by the concrete proximity to the excavations of Pompeii. The proximity to one of the most popular tourist sites in the world, made possible through the sensitivity of the bodies in charge, from the Campania Region to the Superintendency of Fine Arts and the Municipality of Torre Annunziata, makes the location of Pompeii Maximall absolutely unrepeatable, going to create a pole attraction of great impact and of enormous tourist and commercial importance, inserting itself in a wider and more complex system of territorial redevelopment along the strip of coast that extends from the port of Torre Annunziata to that of Castellamare di Stabia. Maximall is expected to open by November 2021.

The design team, which includes some of the most qualified Italian companies (iDeas – structures, Manens-Tifs – plants, Arcadis, cost management and various specialists), was led by the architect Salvatore Rizzo of Design International.

The careful reading of the territory, conducted through urban and morphological analysis, has inspired the concept, strongly rooted in the place in which it is inserted. The project takes up the typical characteristics of the ancient Roman cities and of Pompeii in particular by proposing, on an area of approximately 200,000 square meters, a multifunctional complex of 67,440 square meters at the service of the community, which includes a multiplex cinema, a hotel designed on the model of the Domus which enrich the excavations of Pompeii, a large Food Court, an amphitheater for events and a multimedia square; all immersed in a large green area accessible by the community.

The architectural concept tends to re-propose in a modern key the structure that characterizes ancient Pompeii, with the construction in synthesis of two main buildings completely permeable by light, air and visit routes connected together by an ideal new Via dell’Abbondanza, a pedestrian axis that lets your gaze wander between the sea, the city and Vesuvius. Along this axis are located the Fountain, the Piazza del Mall and the Multimedia Square, replicas of the ancient concepts of spaces for socializing and entertainment.

The external square will be qualified by the presence of the ‘Pergule’, kiosks for the sale of local specialties and refreshment areas, which re-propose in a modern key the concept of the market as a central place for meeting and exchange of the community. The public park that runs around the buildings will be enlivened by a series of greened and planted hills in order to shield and create an island of thermal and acoustic well-being. A real urban park will come to life on the roof of the center, which underlines the desire to recover the surface occupied by the footprint on the ground and to reduce the environmental impact, as well as offering new privileged points of view on the islands of Ischia, Capri and the Vesuvius. Pompeii Maximall aims to become the first commercial project in Europe with Breeam Excellent certification.

Pompeii Maximall Shopping Resort design

To benefit from a new system of services and the 42,000 square meters of GLA, including 200 brands, 30 restaurants, cinemas and 5,000 parking spaces, not only the community that lives in the surrounding areas, but also the millions of international visitors who will find suitable structures to be able to enjoy in a safe and easy way a unique area in the world.

The choice of construction materials was conditioned by the strong cultural identity of the place. In fact, the bright colors that make up the refined mosaics of the Pompeii excavations were of great inspiration, with chromatic suggestions impossible to ignore. For example, the bricks used since ancient times and visible in the numerous brick buildings present in the archaeological site find ample space in the design choices of the fronts. As well as the basalt slabs, volcanic stone, which characterize the external pedestrian paths. Also in this case the reading of the past has bound to a dichotomous, conservative but at the same time innovative design choice: conservative in the choice of materials used in the area for hundreds of years, but innovative in architectural use.

The intervention is fully in line with the new trend of Design International projects, which is directing its creations towards a renewed humanization of contents and objectives, trying to return a more natural order to large-scale processes without ever forgetting the role central to man and his history as a social organism.

Pompeii Maximall Shopping Resort

Pompeii Maximall Shopping Resort – Building Information

CUSTOMER: Irgen RE Pompei srl
SPONSOR: Irgenre Group srl
MARKETING AND MANAGEMENT: Irgen Retail Management srl
ARCHITECTURE STUDIO: Design International
GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Irgen Construction srl

LOCATION: Via Plinio – 80058 Torre Annunziata (NA)
SLP: 67.440 sq m
GLA RETAIL: 42,000 sq m
GLA NO RETAIL: 7,000 m2
INVESTMENT: € 170 ml
EBITDA: € 19 ml

PARKING: 5,000 parking spaces and 30 tourist buses
FOOD COURT: 30 restaurants; 4,000 m2
SQUARES: External of 6.500 sq m with fountain and internal of 800 sq m
HOTEL: partnership with Marriott Bonvoy Group, 4,000 m2 135 rooms
AUDITORIUM: cinema with 8 theaters, 3,000 m2 – 1,100 seats, theater and conference room


WORK START: January 2020
END WORK: November 2021

Pompeii Maximall Shopping Resort Italy

Architect Davide Padoa

After finishing his studies in Architecture in Milan and Los Angeles, Davide Padoa began his career in Indonesia, where, at the age of 25, he received his first international recognition for the design of the headquarters of the PSP Bank, one of the tallest skyscrapers of Jakarta. In 1998 he moved to London to join the Design International architecture studio. By marrying the corporate philosophy based on the realization of unique and sustainable projects, Davide revolutionizes the sector of large commercial structures. He began his brilliant career within the company and in a short time he was appointed Partner in 2002 and Chief Executive Officer in 2006.

With his constant commitment to defining new benchmarks in the field of architecture, Davide directs numerous projects, including Odysseum in Montpellier (2009), Morocco Mall in Casablanca (2011), Nave de Vero in Marghera (2014) and Il Centro ad Arese (2016).

Davide stands out for his pragmatic and passionate approach. Working closely with his colleagues, he leads the creation of tailor made projects capable of telling a story. Under his leadership, Design International has grown to acquire global fame and win some of the most coveted awards in the sector, such as ICSC, Mapic, Mipim, RLI, a Guinness World Records ™ and over 30 Property Awards on 4 continents.

Pompeii Maximall Shopping Resort information / images received from Design International Architetti

Design International

Location: near Pompeii, Napoli, Italy, southern Europe

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