Tatlin’s Tower Jakarta Building, Ciliwung River Architecture Project Images

Reimagined Tatlin’s Tower Jakarta Building

Reimagined Architecture Indonesia design by PHL Architects

4 Mar 2016

Reimagined Tatlin’s Tower Building in Jakarta

Design: PHL Architects

Reimagined Tatlin’s Tower in Jakarta

Tatlin’s Tower was a design conceived by Russian architect Vladimir Tatlin, which was supposed to be constructed in St. Petersburg (then Petrograd) after the the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, as Russia’s answer to the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty. The plan never came to fruition, however, and the tower was never built.

Now PHL Architects have taken that design and revised it for the 21st century – Reimagined Tatlin’s Tower Jakarta Building – proposing a version in Jakarta that would house people, as well as livestock farming; fish and insects farming; public spaces; energy production; water and air treatments; and purifier plants. Like the original, it’s a lot of fun to look at even if it’s never going to be built.

New Tatlin’s Tower Jakarta building

New Tatlin’s Tower Jakarta building
renderings via PHL Architects

• Envisioning a New Tatlin’s Tower at Ciliwung River in Jakarta [eVolo]

New Tatlin’s Tower

This research project is set near Ciliwung River, the longest polluted river in Jakarta, according to the architects. As it flows through the capital city of Indonesia, many buildings have been built along its riverbanks, and as such, Ciliwung river has suffered the effects of an expanding population and urbanization. The river used to support a rich ecosystem, but that is no longer the case.

New Tatlin’s Tower Jakarta building

New Tatlin’s Tower Jakarta building

The river today has a high density area – with an estimated 472 people per hectare – which causes a decreasing river width and a rough water flow/ Therefore. Many problems such as floods (1 to 3 meters high every year); water population and sanitation; poor air quality; electricity deficit; and a lack of public space have become major issues in the neighborhoods along Ciliwung river.

New Tatlin’s Tower Jakarta building

New Tatlin’s Tower Jakarta building

Tatlin’s tower is almost 400meters in height and consists of a declined “backbone and skeleton” structure surrounded by two helices that support the podiums inside – a massive box, a pyramid, a tube and hemisphere. By studying the spaces created by the structure, it can be inferred that the tower has the potential to support various activities, programs, and technologies. Addition structures and vertical transportations can be incorporated and its vast surfaces utilized in many different ways.

New Tatlin’s Tower Jakarta building

New Tatlin’s Tower Jakarta building

PHL Architects (Patrick Lim Hendy Lim)
Design and Research Team
Principal : Patrick Lim
Team: Melani Sugiarti, Ricardo Lionar, Juanita Christine, Jennifer Hansbert

Source: http://www.evolo.us/architecture/envisioning-a-new-tatlins-tower-at-ciliwung-river-in-jakarta/

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia, Southeast Asia

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