Jaunapur Farmhouse in New Delhi: Residence

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Jaunapur Farmhouse in New Delhi

Contemporary Home in India: Residence design by SPACES ARCHITECTS@ka

22 Oct 2014

Jaunapur Farmhouse in New Delhi, India


Location: New Delhi, northern India

Contemporary Residential Building in New Delhi

The farmhouse has been designed on 2.5 acres site in South Delhi, the building perceived as a modern structure has been built at rear end of the rectangular plot with front kept as landscaped garden, one enters through driveway to the front entrance of the house, the building composition kept as perpendicular blocks with protruding cantilever box over the entrance.

Jaunapur Farmhouse in New Delhi

The house is essentially a two storey structure with creating private and semi private environment, the house primarily has two units one which faces front and side gardens and others facing the pool area, the ground floor has lobby, drawing, dinning 2 bedrooms and a bar area whereas upper floor has 3 bedrooms with master bedroom, at the pool side in axis to the drawing room is the home theatre and gym and spa is in axis to the dining room creating a closed private space.

An attempt is to create different architectural composition from all sides, approaching the dwelling through driveway one encounters the cantilevered block above the entrance the block is cladded with zinc giving it a distinctive characteristic, entering the house through tall entrance doors leads to the double height lobby with office space along side, the space kept as a public space, as one moves further staircase on one side leads to the first floor, the front glass panels allows light into the interior space and also gives emphatic view of the front garden, the staircase space is dramatised by backlit glass panels below highlighting the rough Indian stone cladding on both side walls.

One experience a drastic environment change as one moves further giving a glimpse of pool from the lobby, the drawing and dining room are placed at right angle to each other facing the pool, a glass lift in the lobby connects the upper floor and has a water pool around, the water body connects outer and inner space bringing nature close to living space and also allowing light into the family lounge. The two bedrooms kept along the side, the family lounge connects to kitchen, which has approach from the dinning, and to the bar area at the end.

The design involved a lot of process to create perfect transition between different spaces, it’s an attempt to create eagerness to explore space, a feeling to be evoked while moving .The pool area with private spaces embarking it is the most interesting part of the house, the space changing with changing daylight, the gym and spa are kept at lower level to create transition, steps leads to terrace garden above the gym extending into a party space.

The staircase leads to the upper floor where lobby overlook into the double height of drawing and dinning below, two bedrooms are placed above the ones below; one bedroom extends above the entrance lobby below. The master bedroom kept at other end has balconies opening in front garden and the other in the pool area.


The space design has been effort and involved working with numerous scale model, testing form and spatial relationships and refining junction. The project emphasised on efforts to detail in terms of materials and forms.


Jaunapur Farmhouse in New Delhi images / information from SPACES ARCHITECTS@ka

Location: New Delhi, North India, Asia

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