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Event by Glen Murcutt in New South Wales, Australia

Glenn Murcutt International Architecture Master Class 2009

24 Oct 2008

Glenn Murcutt International Architecture Master Class

12 – 26 Jul 2009

The ninth Glenn Murcutt International Architecture Master Class will be held in Australia at Glenn Murcutt’s “Masterwork”, the Arthur and Yvonne Boyd Education Centre ‘Riversdale’ on the banks of the Shoalhaven River south of Sydney, and at the School of Architecture at the University of Sydney, 12-26 July 2009.

Glenn Murcutt Master Class

The two week residential design studio program is led by Glenn Murcutt with other tutors including Richard Leplastrier, Peter Stutchbury, Brit Andresen and, Master Class Convener, Lindsay Johnston. A major feature each year has been the insights contributed by Aboriginal elder ‘Uncle’ Max Dulumunmun Harrison.

Since its inception, participants from 46 nations have attended the program. Participants are primarily, now, practising architects – older and younger – with some professors, academics, recent graduates and a few senior students.

Participants stay for the first week in the exquisite hostel accommodation at the Boyd Education centre, designed by Murcutt with Wendy Lewin and Reg Lark and completed in 1999. Th ‘big room’ at ‘Riversdale’ is transformed into both banqueting hall and a design studio for six days while participants commence the conceptual design of a project located on a sensitive scenic site within walking distance of the venue.

The program includes extensive site investigations, intensive studio tutoring, progress design critiques and after dinner lectures by the ‘masters’. The studio relocates to the University of Sydney for the second week, participants stay in a hotel near the University at Darling Harbour and culminates in final presentations and ‘Big Crit Day’. Other events in the program include visits to significant houses designed by Glenn Murcutt and the other tutors and, in previous years, a Sydney Harbour evening cruise.

Glenn Murcutt is best known for his ‘singular practice’ acclaimed through the award of the 2002 Pritzker Prize. He has also been recipient of numerous other international awards including the Alvar Aalto Medal in Finland, the ‘Green Pin’ Award for Architecture and Ecology in Denmark and the Richard Neutra Award in USA. He is a Gold Medallist of the Australian Institute of Architects.

Richard Leplastrier is a seminal figure in Australian architecture and is considered as one of the great teachers. He worked with Jørn Utzon at the time of the Sydney Opera House and his body of work was acclaimed in 2004 by the award of the ‘Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture’ Award in Finland, also awarded to Renzo Piano, Kengo Kuma and Peter Zumthor. He is also a Gold Medallist of the Australian Institute of Architects.

Professor Brit Andresen taught at the AA in London before joining the University of Queensland. She worked with Barry Gasson on the winning entry for the Burrell Museum in Scotland and, with her partner Peter O’Gorman, has authored significant works that have been widely published internationally. Brit was the first woman recipient of the Australian Institute of Architects Gold Medal in 2002.

Peter Stutchbury is a leading practitioner in Australia with a significant body of outstanding innovative built projects that have been awarded nationally and published internationally. He was winner of the 2008 International Iron and Steel Institute ‘Living Steel’ Competition for extreme climate housing in Cherepovets, Russia and has been invited to take the 2008 Catedra Luis Barragan in Mexico, a Chair previously held by Tadao Ando, Norman Foster, Nicholas Grimshaw, Peter Zumthor and Glenn Murcutt. Lindsay Johnston is former Dean of Architecture and Design at the University of Newcastle, Australia, with a particular expertise in environmentally responsive design and some of his built projects have been awarded and published internationally.

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Architecture Foundation Australia
05 – 19 JUL 2008 AUSTRALIA

Glenn Murcutt
photo of the architect from EAA 2007

The eighth annual Glenn Murcutt International Architecture Master Class will be held in Australia, starting Saturday 5 July and finishing Saturday 19 July 2008.

Glenn Murcutt will lead the Master Class which will again be located at, what has been called his ‘Masterwork’, the Arthur and Yvonne Boyd Education Centre, Riversdale, on the banks of the beautiful Shoalhaven River south of Sydney (completed 1999), followed by a week at the University of Sydney Faculty of Architecture.

Glenn Murcutt masterclass Glenn Murcutt architect Glenn Murcutt building

Glenn Murcutt (2002 Pritzker Prize Laureate, RAIA Gold Medallist 1997) personally tutors throughout the program and will be joined by his great friend seminal Australian architect and outstanding teacher Richard Leplastrier (2004 Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture Award Finland, RAIA Gold Medallist 1999) and by Peter Stutchbury (RAIA National Architecture Awards, published in GA House, Abitare, Phaidon World Atlas, etc). Guest tutor will again be University of Queensland Professor Brit Andresen (first woman RAIA Gold Medallist 2002, Phaidon World Atlas, 10X10, etc). Master Class convener is Lindsay Johnston, former Dean of Architecture at the University of Newcastle, Australia.

The Master Class is a studio based program undertaking a design project centred on the landscape at Riversdale addressing issues of cultural and environmental sustainability and culminating in a design presentation at the end of the second week. The program includes lectures, field trips and visits to houses by Glenn Murcutt and the other tutors.

Applications are invited from qualified architects, academics, postgraduates and senior architecture students ­ only 32 places available.

Staying in Riversdale at the Arthur Boyd Centre, woken by sunlight, showering while looking over the Shoalhaven River, weaving between the in and the out furthered an understanding of Murcutt’s approach to architecture and the Australian landscape. Every few days there were pin-ups, which were less critiques more appraisals that emphasised the potential of each project.

Visits to some key houses around coastal New South Wales showed the skill of those teaching in reading a site, creating prospect, refuge and an emotional response to place. Finally, living and working with others from various parts of the globe offered an insight into different cultural approaches to the environment. This diversity of people has created a Master Class network around the world, ensuring that this approach to architecture does not remain only in Australia. (Daniel Ryan, Ireland, 2007 Master Class)

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Glenn Murcutt masterclass Australia Glenn Murcutt masterclass group
Masterclass Images / Information via EAA 2007

A. Riversdale, Glenn Murcutt’s ‘Masterwork’ on the Shoalhaven River.
Photo Wojtek Przywecki 2007.
B. Glenn Murcutt opens windows to new ways of seeing things at
Photo Lindsay Johnston 2007.
C. Peter Stutchbury and Glenn Murcutt in discussion in the big room at
Riversdale. Photo Lindsay Johnston 2007.
D. Peter Stutchbury, Glenn Murcutt and Richard Leplastrier listen to
aboriginal elder ‘Uncle’ Max Harrison in the big room at Riversdale.
Photo Lindsay Johnston 2007.
E. The 2007 Murcutt Master Class group at Riversdale with Glenn
Photo Lindsay Johnston 2007.
F. Glenn Murcutt, Pritzker Prize Laureate. Photo Jure Zavrtanik 2007.

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