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Bridge Design by Santiago Calatrava in Dublin

Second Signature Bridge, Ireland design by Calatrava architect / engineer

15 Dec 2009

Samuel Beckett Bridge

Date built: 2009

Design: Santiago Calatrava, Barcelona


Samuel Beckett Bridge:
Samuel Beckett Bridge Dublin
photo : Peter Barrow Photographers

Dublin Celebrates Inauguration of Second Signature Bridge

World-renowned architect, Santiago Calatrava announced today that his Samuel Beckett Bridge was officially inaugurated in Dublin earlier this morning. Designed by Calatrava to reduce vehicular traffic in Dublin’s city centre, the Samuel Beckett Bridge unites the north and south sides of the River Liffey, creating a necessary link between the two regions.

Calatrava Visit:
Samuel Beckett Bridge
photo : Digital Post Production

The celebrated architect was commissioned by the Dublin City Council to design a signature bridge that would serve as a valuable addition to the city’s transport infrastructure. Calatrava’s Samuel Beckett Bridge features four lanes, two for traffic with cycle tracks and pedestrian paths on either side, as well as room for trams; to be implemented in the future.

To avoid disturbing maritime traffic, Calatrava also designed the bridge with the ability to rotate 90° horizontally, enabling ships to pass. This is the second signature bridge that the architect has designed for the city of Dublin; the first being the James Joyce Bridge which was completed in 2003.

Samuel Beckett Bridge Dublin, built in Rotterdam/Krimpen, passing two much older bridge structures, April 3 2009:
Samuel Beckett Bridge Dublin
photo : Ton Hermans

“It’s rare that an artist is able to contribute to the blueprint of such a historically rich city and I am deeply honored to provide Dublin with not one, but two signature bridges,” said Santiago Calatrava, designer of the Samuel Beckett and James Joyce Bridges. “While working on the James Joyce Bridge, I developed a deep affinity for the people of Dublin, and I wanted my next bridge to celebrate that connection. It is my sincere hope that the Samuel Beckett Bridge will serve as a monument to Dublin, honoring its past, present and future.”

Samuel Beckett Bridge design by Santiago Calatrava:
Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin by Calatrava
photo : Peter Barrow Photographers

For Calatrava, his vision was a challenge; as he was faced with the task of creating a bridge that aesthetically belonged to the present, yet that also evoked a sense of the past. Envisioning the bridge as a harp, a historical and prominent symbol of Ireland, with steel cables as its strings, the architect was able to infuse modern elements with traditional significance. The result is a bridge that both functionally and artistically pays homage to Dublin and its people. However, for Calatrava the greatest honor is his.

“My deepest source of pride is in the knowledge that my work will bear the names of two of the world’s greatest literary talents,” said Calatrava. “Samuel Beckett and James Joyce hold great significance to the history and culture of Dublin. As authors they sought to inspire their readers and encourage them to express their own creative freedom. It is my hope that both the Samuel Beckett and James Joyce Bridges evoke the spirit of these iconic artists.”

To celebrate the official inauguration of the Samuel Beckett Bridge, the Lord Mayor of Dublin presided over a ceremony, which took place December 10th, at Sir John Rogersons Quay.

Samuel Beckett Bridge design : Santiago Calatrava

Location: Dublin, Ireland

About Santiago Calatrava

Santiago Calatrava’s name has been most closely associated with his celebrated designs of bridges and transportation centers built throughout the world. He recently completed his design for the new World Trade Center Transportation Hub in Lower Manhattan and in 2010 will unveil the Agora, a multifunctional complex within Calatrava’s famed City of Arts and Science in Valencia.

The building signifies the culmination of a 20-year-design and building project that, literally, created a city from a vast wasteland. Amongst his collection of internationally recognized work is the expansion of the Milwaukee Art Museum in Wisconsin (2001), the Athens Olympic Sports Complex (2004), the Light Rail Train Bridge in Jerusalem (2007) the Quarto Ponte sul Canal Grande in Venice (2008) and the Liège-Guillemins TGV Railway Station in Belgium (2009).

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Samuel Beckett Bridge architect : Santiago Calatrava

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