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Peace Bridge Calgary : Santiago Calatrava Design

Development by Santiago Calatrava in Canada, North America

14 Aug 2009

Peace Bridge Calgary

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Date: 2009-
Design: Santiago Calatrava Architect / Engineer

Peace Bridge in Alberta

“The Peace Bridge is very different from all of the other bridges that Mr. Calatrava has designed. In a departure from the soaring vertical icons that he’s known for, Mr. Calatrava opted for a low single-span bridge, eliminating the need for support and cables and therefore meeting the city’s environmental protection laws pertaining to the Bow River. And in keeping with the surrounding natural beauty and nature-inspired theme, Mr. Calatrava painted The Peace Bridge a vibrant shade of red to celebrate Calgary’s changing seasons.

“Canadian Red” as Mr. Calatrava calls it; a color which contrasts with the city’s white winters and complements the autumn leaves. The end result will be an awe-inspiring horizontal landmark that pays homage to both the people of Calgary and their environment.”

Peace Bridge Calgary Peace Bridge
images from architect
Principal Design

The bridge is a landmark structure connecting the North side of the river (the residential community of Sunnyside), which is richly landscaped withtrees and grassed slopes, with the South side (the Downtown Community of Eau Claire) which is a modern urban landscape. The bridge structure is embedded as a sculptural (yet mathematically derived) element into a naturally landscaped surrounding. The sculptural appearance of the bridge generates a striking contrast with the surrounding landscape. The structured shape is defined by a helix developed over an oval cross section withtwo clearly defined tangential radii creating an architectural space within. The upper openings are filled with glazed leaves bent to the same shape as tehexterior of the helical form offering protection to the users from the rain and winter weather conditions.

Bicycle lanes are positioned in the centre flanked by pedestrian lanes on either side separated by a curb. The bridge space is lit with linear lighting integrated into the structure of the bridge and the handrail supported by linear wayfinding illumination at floor level. Light elements below the deck pick out the sculptural appearance of the underside of the bridge during the nighttime creating graceful reflections of the bridge in the water below.

Peace Bridge in Calgary – Building Information

Architect and Engineer: Santiago Calatrava
Client: City of Calgary

Location: Over the Bow River, next to Prince’s Island Park in Downtown Calgary, Alberta. The bridge will serve as a major link between regional pathways of Memorial Drive and the City’s downtown.

Program: Designed started early 2009 with construction documents being finalized and issued for tender in September 2009. Anticipated construction schedule has launching of the bridge in Fall 2010

Start of Construction: 2009 (TBC)

Type of structure: Footbridge with segregated pedestrian and cycleways
Helical formed steel structure with a glass roof.

Structure of arch: Steel
Abutments: Reinforced concrete
Cover & Balustrades: Glass

Length of bridge: 125 m
Total width: 8 m
Total height: 5.85 m
Width bet. handrails: 6.2 m (3.7m pedestrian zone, 2.5m cycleway)
Steel Tonnage: 700 metric tons (approximate)

Peace Bridge Calgary images / information from Santiago Calatrava

Santiago Calatrava

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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