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page updated 31 August 2021

Community building designs

Community Center Buildings

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Community Center Architecture. We aim to include the most significant design-led civic buildings from across the globe.

We cover completed Community Center buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across the world. We aim to select projects that are either of top quality or interesting or ideally both.

Community Centre Building – Latest Design

Communauté de Communes Salorge, north west France
Design: Atelier Arcau
Salorge Town Community Centres Buildings
photo from architects
Salorge Building – 24 Jul 2012
The town’s elected representatives expressed their “deep-rooted” commitment to regional tradition, immediately excluding any other architectural form that did not match the traditional volumes and templates of the Pays de Retz, such as roofs with gable roofs, covered in tiles.

El Lasso Community Centre, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain
Design: Romera y Ruiz Arquitectos, Spain
Community Centre Las Palmas
photo : Jorge Hernandez
Community Centre Las Palmas
The architectural project always negotiates with the territory, although sometimes this negotiation comes given to us. At the Lasso Community Center, a neglected neighbourhood of Las Palmas, the existing street and valley topography define a form and a space, the project just limits itself to draw limits, to construct the encounter between a garden and a viewpoint towards the sea.

Contemporary Community Centres

Key Buildings / Projects, alphabetical:

Avelgem Community Centre, Belgium
Design: Dierendonckblancke architecten
Avelgem Community Centre
picture from architect firm
Avelgem Community Centre
The project is situated in a small village. The site is on the border of a protected natural reserve on one side and near the village centre and community church on the other side. The architect studio’s aim was to construct a compact building. By stacking the functions and using the existing slope of the site we could do this. In this way the footprint of the building was reduced and space was preserved for open air activities. This also means less foundation on a unstable underground.

Collieston Community Centre Building, Scotland, UK
Design: various Architects
Collieston Building
picture from architect studio
Collieston Competition
The judging panel selected 2 from the 5 and the chosen architects returned to the village to present their schemes in person at a public meeting. Then there was another exhibition of the 2 schemes followed by a secret ballot involving eligible voters in the village and the neighbouring parish of Slains. The winner was announced in 2007.

Community Center Aussersihl, Switzerland
EM2N Architects
Community Center Aussersihl
photo © Hannes Henz
Community Center Aussersihl Zurich building
A combination of several difficult circumstances formed the starting point for this project: the dramatic polarisation of the political parties for and against socio-cultural infrastructures, a building site that threatened to slip out of public control due to an open alcohol and drug scene but that was, at the same time, one of the few green spaces in this part of the city and, in addition, is a protected area.

Walmajarri Community Centre, Great Sandy Desert, Australia

Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects
Walmajarri Community Centre
photo © Shannon McGrath
Walmajarri Community Centre
The Firm was selected by the community to design an office, training centre and staff house for Walmajarri Inc., an Aboriginal Corporation representing a group of Walmajarri people whose country is located in the Great Sandy Desert. The buildings were required to have a level of ESD considerations that would be appropriate for a remote aboriginal community.

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Irish civic building
picture : Eamonn O’Mahony

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