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post updated 23 Feb 2020

Latest Cinema Building Designs

6 Oct 2016
Pathé Maastricht, Sphinxkwartier Cinema, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Design: Powerhouse Company, architects
Pathé Maastricht Sphinxkwartier Cinema
photo : Ronald Tilleman
Pathé Maastricht Cinema Building
Just to the north of the city centre of Maastricht, in a renewed district named Sphinxkwartier, the new 1000-seat cinema is designed as a cultural hub for film, streamed opera, lectures and events. The 130m-long foyer and the eight screens are stretched across the entire length of the movie theater and is situated between the screen rooms and the Boschstraat.

Dorchester Cinema, Dorset, south west England, UK
Architects: Northern Building Design Associates
Dorchester Cinema Dorset
image from architect
Dorchester Cinema
Purpose built 3 screen lifestyle cinema incorporating associated unique retail offer and support facilities.

Wanda International Cinemas, Luoyang + Nanjing, China

Architects: AXIS design union
Wanda Cinema China
picture from architects
Wanda Cinema Buildings – added 14 Mar 2012
“Dream” is the design concept of the Luoyang Wanda International Cinema. The fifth generation film director in China – Yi-Mou Zhang has once said that: “Movies are dreams.” Movie itself is a dream, a fantasy, and it gives people endless imagination. The ultimate aim for this project is to create a wonderland which people can leave all the trouble and worry behind, fall into the movie and enjoy the imagination with the pleasure.

Kronverk Cinema, Lefortovo, Moscow, Russia
Architects: Robert Majkut Design
Moscow Cinema Building
photo : Andrey Cordelianu
Moscow Cinema Building
Robert Majkut designs his first cinema in Russia, challenging the traditional Russian extravagance with modern style design. This interior design for one of the leaders of cinema networks – Kronverk Cinema, creating an outstanding entertainment facility in Moscow.

Cinema Buildings

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Cinema Architecture. We aim to include the most significant Cinema buildings. We cover completed Cinema buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across the world.

Key Architecture Projects, alphabetical:

BFI IMAX, London, UK
Design: Avery Associates Architects
London Imax
photo © Adrian Welch
BFI IMAX Building

Busan Cinema Center, Korea
Design: Coop Himmelb(l)au Architects
Busan Cinema
image ©, Vienna
Busan Cinema Center : Architecture competition winner

Cineac Handelsblad, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Design: Duiker
Amsterdam cinema
picture © Adrian Welch
Amsterdam cinema

Hollywood Palladium Restoration, Los Angeles, USA
Design: COE Architecture International
Hollywood Palladium
image from architect
Hollywood Palladium

The Mareel – Lerwick Cinema Venue, Shetland, Scotland
Design: Gareth Hoskins Architects
Mareel Cinema Building
image from architect
Mareel Building

Tuschinski Theatre & Cinema, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Design: de Jong
Tuschinski Cinema
photo © Isabelle Lomholt
Tuschinski Theatre

More Film Architecture projects online soon

Cinema Architectural Designs

Odeon Building, Leicester Square, London, England
London Odeon
photograph © Adrian Welch
London Cinemas

English Cinema Buildings
Metro Centre Cinema Gateshead
image from architect

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