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Enric Miralles

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Enric Miralles Book

Enric Miralles
‘Works and Projects, 1975-1995’

Enric Miralles Architect

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Enric Miralles is edited by Juanjo Lahuerta
Enric Miralles is also edited by Benedetta Tagliabue Miralles
8-3/4 x 9-1/2´´
1997, Monacelli Press, 400 illustrations, 100 in color, 272pp
Enric Miralles ‘Works and Projects, 1975-1995’

Enric Miralles Works and Projects, 1975-1995 is the first book featuring all the architect’s buildings. Assembled by Enric Miralles himself, this generously-illustrated monograph features:-
86 of his projects
3 informative essays written by Enric Miralles
complete chronology of his buildings / works
Juanjo Lahuerta is an architectural critic in Barcelona.
Enric Miralles ‘Works and Projects, 1975-1995’

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The Architecture of Enric Miralles and Carme Pinos
Enric Miralles Architecture
Peter Buchanan, Josep Maria Montaner
1990, Lumen Books, -pp, paperback
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Enric Miralles
Enric Miralles, Architect
Peter Buchanan, Josep Maria Montaner
1996, Axel Menges GmbH, 632 pp, hardcover

Enric Miralles, Architect

born 1955 Barcelona, Spain
died 2000 Sant Feliu de Codines

Enric Miralles, Architecture
In 1991 Benedetta Tagliabue began to collaborate with Enric Miralles and together they founded the Studio EMBT Arquitectes Associats in Barcelona.

Santa Caterina Market Building by EMBT
Santa Caterina, Barcelona: photo © Adrian Welch

Scottish Parliament Building, Edinburgh

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