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BIG Architecture Book : RECENT PROJECT

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18 Sep 2012

BIG Architects Book

BIG releases its latest publication with GA Publishers entitled BIG: RECENT PROJECT on Sept 25th

To commemorate BIG Architects’s first solo exhibition in Japan at the legendary GA Gallery in Tokyo, GA Publishers has added this first Japanese / English Monograph on the work of New York and Copenhagen based BIG: Bjarke Ingels Group in their RECENT PROJECT series which includes luminaries such as OMA, Frank Gehry and Tadao Ando among others.

The book covers the work of BIG from 2006-2012 through 28 projects that include the Copenhagen Waste to Energy Plant, the Nuuk National Gallery, Europa City Master Plan on the outskirts of Paris and West 57th Residences in New York City as well as the Kimball Art Center and the Coppertop Tower in Phoenix, Arizona depicted on the book’s cover.

BIG Architecture Book : RECENT PROJECT
image from BIG

To celebrate the opening of the accompanying exhibition which will run from 2012/09/22 – 2012/11/04 at GA Gallery in Tokyo, Bjarke Ingels will be giving two public lectures in Tokyo (Waseda University) and Kyoto (Kyoto Tech Institute).

Included in BIG: RECENT PROJECT are 28 projects, an introductory essay and interview with Bjarke Ingels, Founding Partner of BIG.

Interview of Bjarke Ingels by Yoshio Futagawa

Esteemed editor, publisher, photographer and gallerist Yoshio Futagawa interviews Bjarke Ingels in his New York office. The extensive interview covers the recent opening of BIG NYC and the opportunities that this recent outpost has provided. Additionally Bjarke touches upon his continued interest in disused or forgotten industrial infrastructure and repurposing it with new programs and life. He goes on to elaborate on these thoughts in an introductory essay entitled Social Infrastructure.

Social Infrastructure

BIG RECENT PROJECT Architecture Book
image from BIG

Excerpt from introductory essay by Bjarke Ingels:

The infrastructure of the industry of the past seems to be inevitably appropriated as the framework for the social and cultural life of the present.

The old train tracks on Manhattans lower west side has turned into the highline – the most popular park of NYC today. The Tate Modern in London is an old power plant. The lakes and hills of the Tivoli Gardens of Copenhagen are the moats and fortifications of the old city fortress reinvented. The world’s first ski-lifts were repurposed mining lifts – as the silver dried out the flow got reversed – rather than bringing metals down they began dragging skiers up the slopes.

The industrial lofts Soho with their tall ceilings, long spans and big windows have become the best places to live. Somehow the pioneering of the infrastructure of industry or military paves the path for the main stream architecture. In fashion military uniforms, work clothes and sports gear invents features and engineers new and better, faster, stronger materials and fabrics.

They then find their way into fashion through vintage and later through appropriation on to the cat-walk. The jeans and the sneakers –the generics of contemporary urban outfits- were invented for the silver mines and the running tracks. Necessity is the mother of invention: when you design for survival, productivity or victory you make no compromise. Rather than waiting for the past infrastructure to get decommissioned and reborn with a new social program – could we conceive of our public infrastructures with intended social side-effects. Continued in the book.

Text: Japanese / English
Pages: 208 total, 142 in color
Size: 300×257 mm
Release Date: Sept 25, 2012
Cost: 60USD / 48EUR incl. shipping

To order please write info(at)

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6 Jan 2011

Yes is More as their first eBook

Taschen launches BIG’s Yes is More as their first eBook

Straight on the heels of being named the Best Architectural Monograph of 2010 by the DAM Museum, Taschen republishes YES IS MORE as the World’s 1st Architectural Monograph in an eBook edition tailored to the Apple iPad.

Yes is More eBook Yes is More Taschen eBook
images from BIG

The digital edition of Yes is More not only includes the 400 page Archicomic which has now been translated into 6 languages, but updates several projects which have been completed since it hit bookstores in Feb 2009. In addition to the updates of the Danish Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo 2010 and the 8 House in Copenhagen, the Ebook takes you behind the scenes of BIG’s three most recent projects which include the Astana National Library, Ski Hotel in Lillehammer and the Tallinn Town Hall.

“We have always been very interested in finding ways to transmit ideas and experiences between people in the most blatant way possible. This has led us to explore the potentials and limitations of various media, cross-breeding between monographs and comic books, documentary and architectural photography, lectures and music videos. For us the iPad and the eBook represent a unique possibility for merging multiple media, diverse expressions and forms of communication into a single hybrid format. Yes is More on eBook is our first and early attempt at exploring this virgin territory”, Bjarke Ingels, BIG.

To take advantage of the eBook format, over 25 short films and animations as well as 360 degree imagery have been added to create a truly immersive experience that distinguishes the eBook from its printed kin. The $ 9.99 Yes is More eBook is available for download on the Apple iTunes App Store.



BIG Architects Book

Afterword by Jeffrey Inaba

Bjarke Ingels Group

Yes is More Book

YES IS MORE is the first monograph of its kind devoted exclusively to the trailblazing practice of BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group, a Copenhagen based group of architects, designers and thinkers operating within the fields of architecture, urbanism, research and development.

Unlike a classic architectural monograph, this book is more of a manifesto of popular culture, in which BIG’s methods, means, processes and approach to the concept of architecture are revealed as being as unconventional, unexpected and result-producing as the world in which it exists, continually reaffirming its mission with a resounding YES. Bjarke Ingels attracts highly talented co-workers, but also gifted and ambitious clients from all over the world. He does so because his own talent is above all to swiftly create intelligent synergies out of indomitable “movements”, wild energies and unforeseen dynamics and transform them into hitherto unseen, surprising, functional, valuable and beautiful solutions to the specific and complex challenges in each task.

The results of BIG’s practice has already won awards from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, the Special Jury Prize at the Venice Architecture Biennale, the prize for “The World’s Best Housing Project”, “Best Building in the Nordic Countries” as well as many other international kudos. BIG repeatedly attracts public attention and triggers political debate with projects such as a three-kilometer long wall of social housing wrapped around a park of soccer fields in Copenhagen, the proposal to consolidate all of Denmark s harbor activities in a star-shaped Superharbor along the bridge between Denmark and Germany and recently by proposing to move Denmark s national symbol, the Little Mermaid, to China for six months as part of the Danish Pavilion for the Shanghai World Expo in 2010 and getting to do just that!

BIG Architects Book BIG Architects Book BIG Architects Book

” YES IS MORE is a popular and easily accessible manifesto for architecture as one of the most relevant aggregates of the 21st century in which we may epitomize and answer many of the global agenda-setting questions. In the book, BIG shows how they conceptualize the polymorphous demands, complex rules and highly specialized knowledge of society, creating tangible solutions through artistic processes; solutions which time and again attract the interest of the population at large as well as the respect of global aficionados.

YES IS MORE is a communication created in this very spirit – combing elite and popular elements – allowing the sublime to shine through in the commonplace. Thus the reader is invited into BIG’s processes, methods and results using the most approachable and populist means of communication available – the cartoon.” – Kent Martinussen, CEO, Danish Architecture Centre

Publisher: TASCHEN (Evergreen) (available in November 2009)
9.8 x 6.4 x 2 inches, 400 pages, soft cover
ISBN: 978-3836520102, English
£17.99 EUR19.99 USD29.99
Shipping Weight: 2 pounds

BOOKSIGNING – Bjarke Ingels
YES IS MORE book signing by Bjarke Ingels
25 Nov 6.15-8pm
AA School, 36 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3ES, UK

BIG Architects Book BIG Architects Book BIG Architects Book

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