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19 Nov 2020
Piezoelectric Loom Aviary, Suzhou City, China
Piezoelectric Loom Aviary Suzhou City
image courtesy of architects
Piezoelectric Loom Aviary
The design brief was originally for an aviary, bird-watching platform, and shelter in the Suzhou Taihu Lakeside National wetland park. The main design objective for Piezoelectric Loom Aviary incorporates the serenity of the environment with the characteristics of birds in flight.

Revolving Sail Bridge, Ordos, Kangbashi, Mongolia
Revolving Sail Bridge
image by Dr Margot Krasojevic
Revolving Sail Bridge in Ordos
The bridge consists of a main floating section which gives buoyant support to three expanding walkways, and a carbon fiber triple sail which is raised and lowered by the buoyancy rotator.

24 May 2016
Artificial Snow Cave Emergency Shelter, Nepal
Artificial Snow Cave
image by Dr Margot Krasojevic
Artificial Snow Cave Emergency Shelter Nepal
The hut offers a snowdrift frame made from weighted carbon fibre mesh, this contoured landscape mimics the surrounding vertiginous precipices and landscapes, the carbon fibre snowscape creates an artificial snow cave which can be burrowed into and around enabling climbers to inhabit the excavated structure in a similar way to a snow cave.

Electric Coral Reef Station, Marine Building Proposal in the Indian Ocean – 28 Nov 2013
Electric artificial reef station
image by architect
Out in the Indian Ocean, protecting the Indonesian coastline from Tsunamis sits the design for an electric artificial reef station. The framework of moveable steel girders and steel reef ball structures is designed in a way to support the growth of natural coral.

Aerobridge Lounge Concept, Doha, Qatar – 17 Jul 2013
Design: Dr. Margot Krasojevic
Aerobridge Lounge Concept
image from architect
The project is a design for a private client’ s short stay hotel hangar that can be wheeled to different docking locations at an airport. The hotel lounge is an extension of the private jet which enables the clients to rest/ stay for a period of 24 hours before departure.

Hydroelectric Waterfall Prison – Architectural Concept
Hydroelectric Waterfall Prison
image from architect
Margot Krasojevic Design – Hydroelectric Waterfall Prison – 12 Mar 2013
The concrete support is connected to 4-column semi-submersibles further stabilised by floating Tyson turbines. The prison consists of a series of cantilevered loops creating an even weight distributed throughout the rig.

The Ordos MU US Desert Temple, Inner Mongolia, Peoples Republic of China
Ordos Desert Temple Buddhist Temple Ordos
image : Dr. Margot Krasojevic
Buddhist Temple Ordos – 10 Oct 2012
This design has been commissioned by the city of Ordos. It is an open Buddhist temple located on the outskirts of the desert, an area used for meditation and religious ceremonial offerings. Mongolian Buddhist rituals dictated the design.

Recent Designs by Margot Krasojevic

Buenos Aires Art Museum, Argentina
Museum of Contemporary Art Buenos Aires
image from architect
Buenos Aires Art Museum : Architecture Competition Entry – 14 Aug 2012
This proposal for the New Contemporary Art Museum (NCAM) in Buenos Aires embodies the city’s dynamic cultural vibrancy. The building sits along the Rio de la Plata, plugging into the internationally influenced urban context as an architectural artifact representing the city itself.

Purifying Footbridge, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Water Purification Footbridge Concept Design
picture from architect
Purifying Footbridge Amsterdam
Water management and it’s circulation is still the most important function of Amsterdam’s canals. I am proposing a footbridge which filters and prevents pollutants and water stagnantion, as windmills once did.

Dr Margot Krasojevic Book

Dynamics & De-realisation Book

Dynamics & De-realisation is an interdisciplinary work using philosophy, narrative and developments in computer science to define perceptions of reality and how these influence architecture – in essence what Merleau-Ponty called the “primacy of perception”. We first perceive the world, then we do philosophy, exploring what was once considered an illusion and how it has since become reality.

Decodeine Architecture Book
picture from Margot-Krasojevic
Dr Margot Krasojevic Book
The design projects have been developed as part of an ongoing investigation that looks at the reasons for using computational design methods and software from a sociological point of view, questioning the production of formal investigation and examining the emergent relationship between digital tools for design, communication and architectural manifestation as a result of theoretical analysis.

Recent Margot Krasojevic Project

Dichroic Illusion Stations, Ordos Shi, Kubuqi desert, Inner Mongolia, Peoples Republic of China
Dichroic Illusion Stations
picture from architect
Cable Car Stations
The project is for the design of 2 cable car stations along the edge of the Gobi desert, starting from Ordos city the trail leads into the desert, a major tourist attraction. The form developed using a computer software which applies the dynamics and physics in order to simulate a specific environment, such as the Ordos desert, this helps understand caustic light patterns predicting the form’s influence within it’s environment. An important mechanical test rather than purely a formal gesture.

Key Designs by Margot Krasojevic Architect

Key Projects by Dr Margot Krasojevic, alphabetical:

The Arctic Research Centre, Norway

Arctic Research Centre
image from architect
Arctic Research Centre

Dance School

Dance School design
image from architect
Dance School

The Floating Gallery, London, UK

Floating Gallery
image from architect
Floating Gallery
The gallery warps space using folded surfaces to create a continuous ever-changing
environment in which the art is viewed. London as a moving background alters perceptions of the gallery, blurring the edges between static and non-static, defining a series of projected spaces that simulate the existing physicality by using the boat as a lens through which to view London.

Fractal Geometry Tower, New York, USA

Fractal Geometry Tower New York
image from architect
Fractal Geometry Tower : 1st Place Research Category – Architecture of Israel
The Tower is positioned on the edge of a pier in Manhattan’s Battery Park New York. The building programme consists of an ever-increasing gallery space that sits within the suspended surface. The plans do not dictate the Tower’s perceived presence, reflecting geometries distort the surface pattern iterations (dislocating physical from the perceived), affecting the manner with which the individual engages and appropriates with this space.

Hidden Highrise

Hidden Highrise
image from architect
Hidden Highrise
Using architecture to harness/dictate the natural elements/contexts/environments employing this illusion to create a virtual environment, phenomena replicating nature by drawing attention to the physical space in order to provoke multiple horizons, and perceptions of both the actual and virtual projected space within architecture. The virtual projected inner space attempts to make us conscious of the moment, the situation invoking a space from which to consider the affect.

Hotel Montenegro, Budva

Hotel Montenegro Budva
image from architect
Hotel Montenegro Budva

The Observatory – Animating Light Landscapes, Troms, Norway

Aurora Borealis Observatory
image from architect
Aurora Borealis Observatory
The Northern Lights appear when large numbers of electrically charged particles (electrons) stream at high speed in towards the Earth along its magnetic field eventually colliding with the highest air particles. The air lights up like a fluorescent light tube. The resulting colours reflect gases present at collision; the most common is a yellow-green colour that results from oxygen.
The charged particles originate from the sun, some are captured by the Earth’s magnetic field finding their way into the Polar Regions.

ORB Media Group Xi’an Exhibition, China

ORB Media Group Xi'an Exhibition
image from architect
ORB Media Group Xi’an Exhibition
The exhibition intends to show 5 areas of the gaming and film industry as a cross cultural dialogue between China and The U.S. Mr. Chang Qiang a structural engineer specialising in digital fabrication from Tsinghua University advised on the 3d printing and laser cutting of the hyperbolic structure and the surface routing, printing facades and motion capture stages.

Swimming Pool : Altered States, subconscious realities and pathological space

Swimming Pool
image from architect
Swimming Pool Design
Time is no longer a linear condition, instead we can postpone, edit and cut our immediate recognitions, creating buildings whose identities along with our observations are no longer definiteive, by replacing symbolic gestures with sequential design. Ephemeral space reflects evolution and ever-changing contexts.

More projects by Margot Krasojevic online soon

Location: London, UK

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Spatial Pathology Floating Realities
Published by RIEA & Springer N.Y.
Edited by Professor Lebbeus Woods and Professor Peter Cook
Margot Krasojevic book
picture from architect
Spatial Pathology Floating Realities

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