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Marco Dezzi Bardeschi Architetto

Contemporary Italian Architect Practice: Florence and Milan Design Studio Information

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Marco Dezzi Bardeschi – Key Projects

Featured Buildings by this Italian architectural firm, alphabetical:

Palazzo della Ragione – emergency staircase, Milan, Italy
Date built: 2007
Palazzo della Ragione – New Gallery of Modern Art, is in the heart of Milan’s mediaeval centre: it is visible from the main squares of the centre: Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza dei Signori, at the foundation of Lamberti Tower.

The “Scala della Ragione” (Reason Stairs) is an interesting architectural design: this great gothic stair-case was originally covered. Its name is derived from the fact that it held up to law-courts situated here two centuries ago. It now graces the so called Cortile del Mercato Vecchio or old market square and it dates back to the 15th century.

In the project to build a second emergency exit and new access point, the challenge was to create a lightweight structure which would fit the restricted space and not detract from the historic context. The resulting suspended staircase in stainless steel has the playfulness and airiness of a mobile.

The tilted angle of the pylon, the diverse twists and turns of the flight of steps and the overall transparency promise an interesting experience for those who ascend. Each step is made up of 116 vertically aligned sheets of glass threaded onto three pre-tensioned stainless steel rods and bolted to the steel string.

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Location: Firenze, Italia – Florence, Tuscany, Italy, southern Europe

Marco Dezzi Bardeschi Practice Information

Marco Dezzi Bardeschi Architetto Firenze Italia

Architect studio based in Firenze (Florence) and Milano (Milan), both Italy

Architect born in Firenze, in 1934

Florence Building Designs

Florence Architectural Designs – architectural selection below:

Visual Art Gallery Florence Competition
Visual Art Gallery Florence Competition

M7 Contemporary Apartments
Design: Pierattelli Architetture, Architects
M7 Contemporary Apartments Florence Architecture News
photograph : Max Lisi
M7 Contemporary Apartments
Design hospitality in the heart of Florence The Italian studio Pierattelli Architetture has designed 11 apartments for a hospitality concept that combines the comfort of a home with the services and convenience of a hotel.

Design: Piuarch, Architects
CENTRO*Arezzo Florence Building News
photo © Giovanni Hänninen
An iconic urban landmark, but also a sustainable structure for an evolving shopping experience: the new CENTRO*Arezzo frees itself from the conceptual dictates of the traditional shopping mall and acts as a social and recreation pole that is perfectly integrated with the city.

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