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post updated 15 Apr 2021

Ian Shaw Architekten – Latest News

design by Ian Shaw Architekten News – latest property additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

14 May 2013
Haus W, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Design: Ian Shaw Architekten
Haus W Frankfurt design by Ian Shaw Architekten
photo from architect
House in Frankfurt am Main
This well crafted cuboid generates spectacular light. The development, constructed out of prefabricated high insulation timber panels and energy-efficient glazing, is articulated as a classic modernist intervention: a box set into a traditional pitched roof atop a standard three-storey house.

4 Apr 2013
Villa W, Germany
Design: Ian Shaw Architekten
Villa W Germany design by Ian Shaw Architekten
image from architect
Villa W
This white, monolithic housewill reside in a suburb of Frankfurt. From the street it will appear impenetrable, so delineating a clear demarcation between the public and private realms.The building’sfront elevation is articulated as a series of windowless blocks, its recessed entranceway the only glazed element of its north facing façade.

8 Jan 2013
Pavilion Siegen, North Rhine-Westphalia, north west Germany
Design: Ian Shaw Architekten
Pavilion Siegen
photo © felix krumbholz, courtesy of Ian Shaw Architekten
Pavilion Siegen
The pavilion’s dramatic, planar form articulates an assured, yet subtle compression of space, framing views of the lake and the local topography. The building’s tectonic rigour is palpable, its seemingly gravity defying configuration enabling the floor plate and ceiling to cantilever some 6m beyond the lakeshore.

More architecture projects by Ian Shaw Architekten online soon

Location: Helmholtzstrasse 35, 60385 Frankfurt am Main, Germany, western Europe

Frankfurt am Main Architects Practice Information

Ian Shaw Architects Practice based in Frankfurt, Germany

Ian Shaw Architekten


Ian Shaw Architekten is an award-winning, interdisciplinary practice based in Frankfurt and London. We offer a full architectural service together with urban design and master-planning; interior architecture; furniture and product design; and acoustics & sound system design.

The practice has extensive experience, gained both nationally and internationally, working on a wide range of projects. We have designed and built theatres and live music venues; hotels, industrial buildings and offices; apartments and private houses; and mixed-use schemes.

Ian Shaw Architekten holds membership of both the Bund Deutscher Architekten (BDA) and the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA); the practice is also a member of the German Federal Architectural Associations in the states of Hesse (AKH) and Thuringia (AKT).


Every project is bespoke – developed with efficiency, elegance and authenticity – and always articulated with close reference to context and function. Within this framework we explore a series of enduring interrelated themes: materiality, space-making, composition of form and the use of light, the latter defining and animating the creative dynamic as a whole.

Our knowledge of materials – combined with our understanding of their structural properties and our appreciation of their aesthetics – inspires how we design and how we build. We are interested in visceral, experiential content as a way of best disseminating spatial tectonic composition. Our buildings are elemental, the result of a reductive process, essentially concerned with generating a strong sense of place; it is about rooting an architecture in its culture and topography.


Everything we create is the outcome of an intensive dialogue between our clients and ourselves. Each detail is carefully considered. From concept design to completion – encompassing working drawings, specifications, rigorous site supervision and cost control – our methodology is exacting.

Unlike many conventional practices, we make extensive use of models in developing a new work. We design; computers assist – this ensures humanism remains firmly rooted in our architecture.

Ian Shaw Profile

Ian Shaw was educated at the University of Liverpool, UK, and the University of Oregon, USA, with his internship spent at the highly respected Swiss practice, arb Architects.

Following ten years working in some of Europe’s leading architectural firms, Ian established Ian Shaw Architekten, in Frankfurt am Main, in 1998. As founding director he has built a practice renowned for its tectonic rigour and exacting quality, as displayed in a diverse range of building types including industrial, residential, commercial and arts based projects.

Professionally, Ian is a director of the Frankfurt division of the Bund Deutscher Architekten (BDA), and is a member of Frankfurt’s planning advisory committee. In addition, he holds membership of the German Federal Architectural Associations in the states of Hesse (AKH) and Thuringia (AKT). Ian is also a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

In the academic field, he is a visiting lecturer at both the University of Mainz and the University of Darmstadt. In Mainz, he teaches foundation, intermediary & advanced design; and in Darmstadt, acoustics & integrated services.

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NHOW Hotel, ONE office and hotel skyscraper complex, Frankfurter Messe
Interior Design: Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos
NHOW Hotel Frankfurt Building News
image : CA Immo/Rafael de La-Hoz
NHOW Hotel in Frankfurt

Alte Oper Concert Hall, Opernplatz
Architects: Buero Wagner
Alte Oper Frankfurt Architecture News
image by Buero Wagner & Federico Ciavarell © Buero Wagner
Alte Oper in Frankfurt

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