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Nieuwmarkt Amsterdam : Dutch Residential Architecture

Van Eyck & Bosch building in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Nieuwmarkt Housing

Nieuwmarkt Housing: Van Eyck & Bosch
photo © Adrian Welch

Nieuwmarkt Housing

Residential Redevelopment: housing

Date built: 1970-75

Design: Van Eyck & Bosch

Nieuwmarkt housing in the heart of the Dutch capital city.

Nieuwmarkt Amsterdam Van Eyck & Bosch building Nieuwmarkt Amsterdam Van Eyck & Bosch building
photos © Adrian Welch

Nieuwmarkt housing architect : Aldo van Eyck

Nieuwmarkt Amsterdam Nieuwmarkt Amsterdam
photos © Adrian Welch

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Location: Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, western Europe

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Aldo van Eyck (1918 – 1999)

Aldo was born in Driebergen, Utrecht. He married Hannie van Rooijen, also an architect. She assisted him in several projects.

His family moved to the United Kingdom in 1919 and he was educated at Sidcot School, Somerset (1932-35), after which he finished his secondary school in The Hague (1935-38), and went to study at the ETH Zurich. He graduated in 1942, after which he remained in Switzerland until the end of World War II, where he entered the circle of many other avant-garde artists around Carola Giedion-Welcker, wife of historian Sigfried Giedion.

Aldo van Eyck taught at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture (1954-59) and he was a professor at the Delft University of Technology (1966-84). He also was editor of the architecture magazine Forum from 1959-63 and in 1967.

A member of CIAM and then in 1954 a co-founder of “Team 10”, Van Eyck lectured throughout Europe and northern America propounding the need to reject Functionalism and attacking the lack of originality in most post-war Modernism. Van Eyck’s position as co-editor of the Dutch magazine Forum helped publicise the “Team 10” call for a return to humanism within architectural design.

Van Eyck received the RIBA Royal Gold Medal in 1990.
source: wikipedia

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