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Montclair State University building : New Jersey Gallery

George Segal Art Gallery, Montclair, NJ building design by ikon.5 architects

Jan 6, 2008

Location: Montclair, New Jersey, USA

Date built: 2008

Design: ikon.5 architects

George Segal Gallery interior design:
George Segal Gallery Montclair State University

George Segal Art Gallery

Montclair State University Building

Building Programme:

• Main gallery
• Flex gallery
• Painting storage and prep
• Sculpture storage and prep
• Classroom
• Offices

George Segal Gallery building design:
George Segal Art Gallery, Montclair, NJ design by ikon.5 architects Montclair State University building

George Segal Art Gallery – Project Description

The George Segal Art Gallery is a multi-functional painting and sculpture gallery constructed within an existing campus parking garage. The art gallery was placed within the 1000 car parking garage because it was centrally located on the campus and gave maximum visibility to the art collection for this largely commuter campus. This innovative programmatic approach to place art and transportation together created architectural challenges such as, existing low parking structure, not ideal for the display of art, flexibility and security.

The design solution conveys a sleek robust modernity with the greatest sense of height and flexibility achieved within the confines of an existing concrete parking structure through the use of lighting and materials. The tone is set by the richness of light bamboo floor, the coolness of white walls and ceilings and the fluidity of the undulating slatted wood ceiling. Movable display walls transform the space easily from a large open gallery to a series of intimate cubicles in minutes; track lighting is adjustable to match. Glowing indirect cove lighting intensifies the gracefulness of the space which is washed by controlled day lighting.

Montclair State University building images / information from ikon.5 architects

ikon.5 architects, United States of Ameria

Location: Montclair State University, NJ, USA

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