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Residential Development in Albania : Tirana Housing

Xezhmy Delli str. Apartments design by baukuh, Italy

7 Feb 2013

Xezhmy Delli Str. Apartments in Tirana

Tirana Residential Building

Residential Development in Albania Tirana Housing
photos : Giovanna Silva

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Tirana Apartment Block Tirana Apartment Block Tirana Apartment Block Tirana Apartment Block Tirana Apartment Block

3 Feb 2010

Tirana Apartments

Xezhmy Delli str. Apartments
Location: Tirana, Albania

Dates built: 2006-09

Design: baukuh

Tirana Apartments

The apartment building in Xezhmy Delli in Tirana contains 28 dwellings.

The area where it rises lacks any clear order: gardens and low buildings from the 50s mixed with recent apartment blocks. The Tirana apartments building we propose does not suggest any transformation of the place into a crowded, intense, metropolitan area; it simply contains the required volume, somehow suggesting not to go on with interventions in this area.

Its appearance is voluntarily unfamiliar, almost rude, it does not hide its excessive mass.

Tirana Apartment Block Xezhmy Delli str. Apartments Xezhmy Delli str. Apartments Tirana Albanian Apartment Block

This Albanian residential building is the product of this singular condition: banal regarding technologies, bizarre regarding volume, surprisingly generous regarding space. It is a prism aggresively excavated in order to match with building regulations, almost a cast that crystallize in the city the abstract rules of its legal apparatus, discovering how alien these rules are inside of the concrete body of the city.

Tirana Apartment Block images / information from baukuh 030210

Tirana Apartments architect : baukuh, Italy

Mies van der Rohe Awards 2013 – Shortlisted Building

Location: Tirana, Albania, southeastern Europe

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