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Skywalk Rennweg Wien : Vienna Bridge

Austrian Bridge – design by SOLID architecture, architects

29 Jul 2011

Skywalk Rennweg Vienna

Design: SOLID architecture

Skywalk Rennweg

SOLID architecture designed a bridge that is enclosed on all sides to connect the two buildings Rennweg 44 and 46 at the fifth upper floor, 17 metres above the Kleistgasse in the third district of Vienna. The bridge has a span length of 22 metres. In reference to its outward appearance, the bridge adds a third and formally individual element to the two existing buildings dating back to the 1980s. The fair grey metallic colour of the exterior surfaces of the bridge assimilates with the grey-green colour spectrum of the two already existing building structures.

Skywalk Vienna Skywalk Rennweg Skywalk Rennweg Wien Skywalk Wien

Large-area glazed sidewalls make the supporting construction of the bridge, which is arranged inside, visible from the outside, and they make the bridge appear light and transparent.

The interior area of the bridge has its own individual character, independent of the two already existing buildings.

If you cross the bridge, you will experience space that is dominated by the dynamic alignments of the supporting construction and the bottom and top plate. There may also be made out a colour difference between the interior area of the bridge on the one and the existing building structure on the other side. With the exception of the fair grey floor, all surfaces are white.

Extending from the building Rennweg 46, there is created a horizontal plane into the road space, 17 metres above ground level of the Kleistgasse. From this horizontal area, there is presented a wonderful view onto the road space situated beyond and as far as the towers of the Arsenal. Following a bend in the botton plate, a slightly inclined ramp counterbalances the difference in height between the two building structures and leads into the building Rennweg 44.

Skywalk Vienna Skywalk Rennweg Skywalk Rennweg Wien Skywalk Wien

Skywalk Vienna – Details

The construction of the details is reduced and simply supports the view and the atmosphere and the effect of the space created.

Statical System of the Bridge:

The main supporting structure of the bridge is formed by means of two supporter trusses spanned beyond.

The top chords of these trusses – welded hollow profiles with a lower flange projecting on one side – are integrated in the roof plane. The trussed beams consist of welded rectangular hollow steel tubes. There are integrated welded I-beams as supports in the walking plane. These I-beams are suspended by means of tension rods from the main supporters, and they are attached to the supporter trusses of the main supporters in the bend of the bridge.

Roof and floor level are formed as horizontal latticed framework and transmit the horizontal load into the already existing buiding structures.

Skywalk Vienna Skywalk Rennweg Skywalk Rennweg Wien

Skywalk Rennweg Vienna – Building Information

Project name: Skywalk Rennweg 44 – 46 Address: Skywalk, Rennweg 44 – 46, 1030 Vienna

Purpose: Skywalk / Connecting Bridge between building Rennweg 44 and Rennweg 46

Planning Data
Commission: 1stprize in invited competition
Project Status: project completed
Competition: Jul / Sep 2008

Other Participants
Gerhard Lindner – architecture
Karl-Heinz Wagner – structural engineering
raum_bau : architekten / Robert Blaschke – architecture
Johann Lienbacher – structural engineering
Richard Messner – architecture
Gmeiner & Haferl – structural engineering
HOLODECK architects – architecture
KPPK / Klaus Petraschka – structural engineering
Dietmar Feichtinger – architecture
werkraum wien / Peter Resch – structural engineering

Start of Planning: Oct 2008
Start of Construction: Apr 2009
Completion: May 2009

Site area
Gross Area 54 m²
Built up Area 54 m²
Useable Surface 44 m²
Building Volume 189 m²
Construction Costs 40.000 € without bearing
Construction Stahlkonstruktion, Seitenwände verglast
Spatial Program Skywalk / Connecting Bridge

Published in: fest verbunden, Vom Wettbewerb zum erfolgreichen Projekt HG Österreichische Lotterien Gesellschaft m.b.H. Vienna 2009

Awards, Prizes: Exhibition “Gebaut 2009“, Architektonische Begutachtungen der MA 19

Design Team
Architecture: SOLID architecture ZT GmbH , Wien
Project Management Collaborators: Arch. DI Christoph Hinterreitner ; Arch DI Christine Horner
Client: Österreichische Lotterien GmbH Rennweg 44 1038 Wien Österreich

Structural Engineering: RWT PLUS ZT GmbH Karlsplatz 2/6-7 1010 Wien
Building Physics: RWT PLUS ZT GmbH Karlsplatz 2/6-7 1010 Wien
Construction Supervision: CF SER/IM/BPM der Österreichischen Lotterien

Builder: SAN AS BAU 2322 Schwechat / Himberg bei Wien
Steel / Glass Construction: Stahlbau Kamper GmbH 2640 Gloggnitz
Plumber: Ing. Ledermüller GmbH 1140 Wien
Electrician: Fleck Elektroinstallationen GmbH 1100 Wien
Fire Protection Gate: Peneder Feuerschutz GmbH 1220 Wien
Photographs: Günter Kresser, Franz Fischer Strasse 44 6020 Innsbruck
Photo Copyright: SOLID architecture ZT GmbH

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Location: Rennweg 44 – 46, 1030 Vienna

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