Mosque Building Mardin, southeast Turkey, Anatolia Architecture, Turkish Religious Design Images

Mosque Building in Mardin, Turkey

19 April 2022

Design: medmim architecture

Location: Mardin, Anatolia, south east Turkey

Mosque Building in Mardin, southeast Turkey

Mosque Building in Mardin, southeastern Turkey

Design approach:

In the design, it is aimed to express the structural elements that reflect the architectural character of Mardin city such as terracing, use of semi-open space, portico solutions, and create solutions compatible with topography and climate in a modern architectural language. The mosque mass is placed on the south line, which is the highest point of the land, and the service areas, lodging and other areas of the mosque are placed on the terraces at lower elevations formed gradually.

Mosque Building in Mardin, southeast Turkey

Thus, the mosque mass, which has a symbolic design, was tried to be perceived from both the upper and lower elevations. The connection between the elevations is provided by natural walkways as far as the slope of the land allows, and stairs and elevators in other section.

The fountain, other service areas and the funeral prayer area are designed in the lower courtyard. The pool element, one of the important elements of Mardin architecture, was used in the upper courtyard and integrated with the fountain placed on the western facade of the mosque.

Mosque Building in Mardin, southeast Turkey

In the facade design of the mosque mass, the dome detail of the Mardin Kasımiye madrasa was interpreted with a modern architectural language (Figure 1). The part of the axis with portico, created on the four facades of the mosque, on the entrance facade of the mosque was designed as the last congregation area (Figure 2).

Mosque Building in Mardin, southeast Turkey

The minaret of the mosque was also designed as a wind catcher. With the canals placed on the northern side of the minaret, it was aimed to catch the northern winds, especially in the summer months. It is aimed to take the captured air to the basement floor with a shaft and to cool it on the cool water surface there.

Mosque Building in Mardin, southeast Turkey

The naturally cooled air was intended to cool the mosque’s places of worship and leave the place through the channels placed on the upper part of the mosque as it warms up. In this way, especially in the dry summer months, natural cooling and ventilation and air conditioning costs were tried to be prevented. The use of limestone derivatives, also known as Mardin or Midyat stone, which is a local material and can be easily obtained from the region, is considered for the exterior and interior walls of the mosque, as well as for the courtyard coatings.

site plan:
Mardin Mosque site plan

Specially prepared precast panels which will be prepared from baked clay, which is a natural material, that passes the light indirectly with the gaps on the surface, allows airflow, takes on the task of solar shading and heat absorption will be used in the facade shell which was created by reinterpreting the Kasimiye Madrasah dome detail with a modern language.

Figure 1 The Shaping of the Facade:
Mosque Building in Mardin Facade
The rainwater collected on the roof is planned to be used in the pool located in the upper courtyard and in the garden irrigation by collecting it in the warehouse located in the basement with the drainage system on the pillars of the portico.

Figure 2 Shaping of the Minaret:
Mosque Building in Mardin minaret

Sketches: Drawn by Goksel OKSUZ (Architect Msc.)

Mosque Building in Mardin, southeast Turkey – Building Information

General Information
Project Name: Mosque in Mardin
Architecture Firm: medmim architecture LTD.
Contact e-mail:
Firm Location: ISTANBUL

İstanbul office:
Icerenkoy mh. Savas sk. No:12/5 Atasehir – ISTANBUL

Competition name: Mosque Design Idea Competition
Competition website:

ground floor plan:
Mardin Mosque ground floor plan

basement plan:
Mardin Mosque Building basement plan

first floor plan:
Mardin Mosque Building first floor plan

Gross Built Area: 900 m2
Project location: Mardin

Lead Architects: Goksel OKSUZ (Architect. Msc.)
Lead Architects e-mail:

Renderings credits:
Video link:

Additional Credits
Design Team: Goksel OKSUZ (Architect. Msc.)
Consultant: Sinem NUR OZDEMIR (Landscape Architect)

Assistants: Melek Esra SAHIN (Architect) + Nuh ALBAYRAK(Architect)

Clients: Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanization

Consultants: Sinem NUR OZDEMIR (Landscape Architect)

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Location: Mardin, Anatolia, south east Turkey, western Asia

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