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Heritage for All, Toronto: Human Space

22 December 2021

BDP’s inclusive design consultancy commissioned to eliminate physical barriers to Canada’s heritage buildings

Design: Human Space, inclusive design consultancy of BDP

Connaught Building, Toronto:
Connaught Building Toronto, Ontario

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Heritage for All Toronto – by Human Space

Toronto-based inclusive design consultancy to tackle the challenge of addressing accessibility of heritage buildings while preserving historical integrity.

Human Space, the inclusive design consultancy of BDP is excited to use the Accessibility Standards Canada’s funding to create Heritage for All, a project that will research, propose and test new ideas aimed at developing accessible strategies for federally-owned heritage properties. The inclusive design consultancy hopes that this initiative will inform and advance future national accessibility standards for federally-owned heritage buildings.

Heritage for All, Toronto, by Human Space

“Our nation’s heritage buildings exist for everyone’s enjoyment, and they provide keys to understanding our history. Therefore, it is essential that we work together to make them accessible to all people, regardless of their disability. Modifying heritage buildings while preserving their historical integrity is difficult work. However, with collective discussion and thought, we will find solutions that will enable access, while also responsibly caring for these important places,” says Human Space Director and Architect, Jesse Klimitz.

Health Welfare Building, Quebec City, Canada:
Health Welfare Building, Quebec City Canada

The two-and-a-half-year project will be funded by the Accessibility Standards Canada’s Advancing Accessibility Standards Research Program. The project will involve examining national and global precedents and guidelines; a series of hybrid on-site workshops with individuals who experience an array of physical barriers – including users of mobility devices, persons hard of hearing or deaf, persons with low vision or blind, neurodiverse individuals, older adults, children and their attendants or caregivers – to develop a deep understanding of a broad spectrum of experiences. Human Space will test the solutions with user groups and develop a publicly available report of the research and findings showing how the conversions can be a practical reality.

Participating organizations will include the KITE Research Institute, Easter Seals Canada, The Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals, Canadian Disability Foundation, Phil Goldsmith Architect and National Trust for Canada to seek and better understand the issues, challenges, and opportunities of improving accessibility within various historic contexts.

Royal Canadian Mint, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada:
Royal Canadian Mint Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

“Our search for a sensitive and inclusive approach to Canada’s federal heritage buildings will open these places to many more people, and we know from experience that while it will be appreciated by the disability community, it will also benefit the public at large,” says Klimitz.

The project begins this month with an initial investigation phase including an environmental scan of federally-owned heritage buildings in urban centres and will follow with a national outreach campaign to disability groups, heritage professionals and other interested parties to participate in workshops and sharing of feedback to inform the work.

Victoria Museum Building, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada:
Victoria Museum Building Ottawa, Ontario, Canada heritage

For more information about the Heritage for All project visit: https://humanspace.global/project/heritage-for-all

For more information about the Accessibility Standards Canada, visit: https://accessible.canada.ca/

For more information about the Advancing Accessibility Standards Research Program, visit: https://accessible.canada.ca/advancing-accessibility-standards-research


Human Space, Toronto, Ontario

About Human Space – We’re a global collaborative of experts and specialists working with placemakers and city builders to create spaces for all.

Grounded in over 30 years of experience, Human Space pursues a comprehensive approach to community building that includes accessibility, wellness and inclusion as essential components to creating safe, equitable and resilient built environments. Comprised of experts and specialists from a range of backgrounds, our human-centred approach creates spaces, buildings and communities that consider people first and incorporates broad perspectives to arrive at better solutions.

The team has delivered more than 200 projects spanning healthcare, residential, workplace, recreation, education, transportation and public realm. We provide expertise in the areas of inclusion, accessibility and wellness, working worldwide with a wide range of clients including government agencies and policy makers, architecture, engineering and construction firms, post-secondary and healthcare institutions, community organizations, private corporations and many others.

Human Space is a consultancy of BDP.

Follow Human Space at twitter.com/hmn_space and linkedin.com/company/humanspace

About BDP – BDP is an international interdisciplinary practice of architects, engineers, designers and urbanists. We work closely with users, clients and the community to create special places for living, working, shopping, culture and learning across the world. Founded in 1961, we now have studios across the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, UAE, India, China, Singapore and Canada. BDP has a leading track record in all major sectors including health, education, workplace, retail, urbanism, heritage, housing, transport and leisure and has won over 1000 awards for design quality.

In March 2016, BDP combined forces with Japan’s leading engineering practice Nippon Koei to form an integrated design group of genuine international reach. Sharing a philosophy which places an emphasis on design integration and community impact, the new group offers a unique combination of deep technical skills in engineering, architecture and the full range of design disciplines.


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Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada, North America

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