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18 Oct 2010

Al-Jahra And Al-Farwania Court Complex Kuwait

Architect: AGi architects

The Al-Farwania & Al-Jahra Court Complex sits on a prominent site surrounded by special civic and government buildings and mixed use residential / commercial buildings. As such, it is highly visible within the precinct and offers the potential for great views and prominence. The proposed design for the Al-Farwania & Al-Jahra Court Complex, which includes a mid rise tower in addition to a four storey podium building, is conceived as a new type of Landmark.

At the same time, state-of-the-art building technologies are intrinsic to the structural, environmental, and security design of this facility to root the project firmly in the 21st Century. We seek to express in the sky a powerful Landmark that establishes a strong sense of place, history, and future for those who come to recognize it as a distinct and unique symbol for Kuwait.

Al-Farwania & Al-Jahra Court Complex Al-Farwania & Al-Jahra Court Complex Kuwait Al-Farwania & Al-Jahra Court Al-Farwania & Al-Jahra Court Kuwait


The multi-story podium gets adjusted depending on the site; Al-Farwania Court Complex which is 124 meters long by 64 meters wide, and Al-Jahra Court Complex 100 meters long by 100 meters wide, which are inspired by the traditional souk, connect all major entrances and public functions to a single central Oasis. The car parks, visitors’ entrance, offices, courtrooms, cafeteria, auditorium, and several gardens align and form the edges to the multi level podium. Circulation is therefore simplified and unified into a singular, shared experience for the building’s occupants.

Mid-Rise Tower

The 11 storey mid rise tower is identical in both the sites; it will host 8 floors of public accessible courtrooms and 4 floors of private office units for the various departments.

The mid-rise has a secured access spine for the prisoners which lead to the courts as well as direct access for the judges from the judges’ sky garden. The public has controlled vertical circulation that leads them to the courtrooms’ waiting area that is surrounded by sky gardens, courtyards and lounges.

Court Complex Prototypical Design

The multi storey podium is the main part of the building that gets adjusted depending on the site condition, relationship to the parking, and specific court complex needs. In the Al-Farwania & Al-Jahra Court Complex the podium hosts the same programmatic functions; the only difference is the site condition which caused the podium to adapt to it.

The Mid Rise Tower, is replicable without any changes to neither the form nor the program.

Kuwaiti Legal Buildings design by AGi architects Al-Farwania & Al-Jahra Court Complex Kuwait Al-Farwania & Al-Jahra Court

Kuwait Court Complex – Building Information

Project Name: Al-Jahra And Al-Farwania Court Complex
Type: Community
Area: 2 x 80,000 sqm
Location: Jahra & Farwania, Kuwait
Client: Ministry of Public Works Kuwait

Design Team

Dr. Nasser B. Abulhasan, Joaquin Perez-Goicochea, Georg Thesing, Maria Eugenia Díaz, Gwenola Kergall, Raquel Soeiro, Laura Zurbano Amo, Daniel Muñoz Medranda
Lucia Sanchez Salmon, Robert A. Varghese, Salvador Cejudo, Moyra Montoya

AGi Architects

Al-Jahra And Al-Farwania Court Complex Kuwait – Building images / information from AGi architects

Location: Jahra, Kuwait, The Middle East

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