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Jagtvej 69 – Vendepunktet Housing, Copenhagen

Housing for Homeless People in Denmark – design by WE Architecture

14 Mar 2017

The Turrning Point Housing

Design: WE Architecture

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Jagtvej 69 – Vendepunktet Housing

Jagtvej 69

WE Architecture + Erik Juul have been commissioned to transform Jagtvej 69 to become a turning point for homeless people. Where housing and green gardens are creating a platform for the meeting between locals and homeless and a path for a new beginning.

Jagtvej 69

The aim of the design for the new building on Jagtvej 69 is to create temporary accommodation for homeless people, as well as provide a space for a wide range of activities that would help them in their professional and social lives, improve communication with the authorities and help them take care of their physical and mental health. The proposal will provide the neighborhood with a new social meeting place, a space containing urban gardens and semi-public activities.

Jagtvej 69

The project gives back the site to Copenhagen, and create a platform where people can meet and interact around the green gardens.

Jagtvej 69

Jagtvej 69

The project will have a positive visual contribution to the neighborhood – a landmark people can relate to with social and environmental sustainable initiatives. The visibility aims to raise awareness of the initiative, in terms of attracting new users to the neighborhood, but also volunteers and current residents.

Jagtvej 69

Jagtvej 69

Jagtvej 69

The concept for a temporary design is based on a very simple scaffolding net and containers with the ability to add new features and change according to new needs the future may bring. The project will be dismantled and placed on a new site that needs help in future.

Jagtvej 69

Jagtvej 69 – Vendepunktet Housing, Copenhagen – Building Information

Assignment: Private
Type: Temporary homeless housing and urban gardens
Size: ca 2000 sqm
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Year: 2017
Status: Idea
Collaborators: WE Architecture, Vendepunktet, Erik Juul.

Jagtvej 69

Jagtvej 69 – Vendepunktet Housing, Copenhagen images / information from WE Architecture

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Location: Jagtvej 69, Copenhagen, Denmark

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